Well, as I go through the process of looking for a new job (old company Infofoundry shut down their Michigan office last month) I am finding that Web Based Training really needs to start presenting content in a more active engagement format. video is all well and good but do you always stay focused during a tv show? If the answer is no then how can we expect end users to-especially if they are taking the training at the office?

One of the issues I have run into over the years is active content becomes a casualty of the calendar and budget. At least in the automotive industry the expectations are quite unrealistic so the courses end up having a lot of bullet point page turning sections since they are faster to produce than a more immersive experience. I feel we often fall back to relying on “it’s the employee’s job to pay attention” angle. Not good when you check the knowledge retention metrics a week after the course was taken. Maybe the courses need to be broken up and the dull stuff handled in a rapid learning, 5 slide solution like articulate? This would require companies to think a lot about how they structure content-many of the courses that were slated for 2 hours seat time have ballooned to 6 hours by the time they are done- and are worse from an experience viewpoint.

Some things to think about as I search for a new job.