Adobe and RIM Collaborating on Tool Support for BlackBerry Devices | Ryan Stewart – Rich Internet Application Mountaineer.

I’ve been batting around what smartphone to get. Love the iPhone but don’t love AT&T, can get a free droid eris upgrade now but don’t love the verizon pricing, Like sprint’s costs but don’t like that i have to pay for a pre (and i like the pre interface), then there is blackberry on all the networks but their browser is crap.

I’m looking for something to test elearning on as well so that factors in. One thing i think the industry needs to deal with is if we push our training(video, audio, flash animations , game simulations) on to these devices users who pay for data by the meg will be getting hit with a bill (Many have unlimited plans but I know several people on Verizon who can not afford that cost). Something we have to think about: possibly posting at the beginning how much data the course has? Possibly building native apps installed over company wifi rather than mobile web browser options is the way to go to avoid the big hit over the cell network.

At the least we should discuss the issue with clients before they deploy for their customers.