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dev tools

In working on various projects over the last month I found a couple of tools that are really great First is Max - great for batch conversion of voiceover files. It's free and the GUI is lighter than soundbooth when i don't need to patch anything. Second is SWFDecompiler, just a really nice interface on [...]

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Microsoft Photosynth beta

Okay, this is one really cool app from microsoft labs. It's called Photosynth and it creates a sort of 3d node cloud from a set of pictures that document a location.  It analyzes them, builds the pseudo 3d cloud and then links the pictures to it. This gives you the ability to navigate through the [...]

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Physics Examples

Via Basement.org: Levitated.com has a great collection of open source dynamic physics examples. Mainly a post for my future reference.

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UI animation

this is mainly just for my reference but here is a good post on WHY animations in interfaces can be helpful and informative -courtesy of zeh.

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New public facing flex app

flexdaddy has a post about a big public facing application. It is located at http://www.afraccess.com/ It is an investor's app. they have some videos on the tool in windows media player. I'd go to the "take the tour" option to see some screenshots and info on the functionality.

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Xiff flash api

While researching An IM system to use for our company's work Dave and I found that Jive Software has released a library to use in flash for XMPP. Have not had a chance to play with it but i figured i's mention it here.

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