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Toyota has a great mini site for it's new Yaris model. Great use of video and multiangle footage. Preload is a little hefty-it loads the whole thing so i wonder if it's not using flash media server to stream? Anyway, really nice work.

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busy week for apple

So the new ibook, errrr macbooks are available. Pretty sweet black model at the top. Integrated graphics seems to be quite capable as long as your not looking for heavy game playing. Arstechnica has a good review of it. I think this would be a sweet rig with the biggest HD added in for flash [...]

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Outward facing flex apps

In working on getting to know flex and talking to our clients i'm finding that there are not many outward facing large flex apps to point to as samples of what can be done. This does not help clients buy in on the solution. I guess many of the flex 1 and 1.5 apps are [...]

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