Flash Builder 4.7 w/ASC 2.0 Gotchas

In the process of updating an application that targeted FP 10.2 and was written in Flash Builder 4.5. I'm moving it to an app targeting FP 11.4 using the AIR SDK 3.5 in Flash Builder 4.7. Just noting some patches that I had to do to get it compiling. ASC 2.0 currently does not like [...]

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Apple’s idea of open is “1984” (Let me think for you)

So I saw this interesting exchange between Steve jobs and Ryan Tate: http://gawker.com/5539717/steve-jobs-offers-world-freedom-from-porn?skyline=true&s=i What I found interesting is Steve Jobs whole hearted belief that he knows whats best for everyone else even if that means taking choice away. He believes that he needs to save us from  batteries, porn, privacy leaks, and multimedia apps. Currently [...]

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iPhone OS 4 and the rising cost of entry

So the latest with the iPhone OS sdk is that you must write your source code in C, C++, or Objective-C. This basically bars third party cross compilers from allowing devs from other languages/platforms from building Apps without going all in on the iPhone. From apple's view I guess they look at it as a [...]

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HTML vs Flash: It’s actually about the tooling and cost of entry.

View from an elearning developer: Statement: HTML can play video & Apple is blocking Flash Player on the "i" devices browsers therefore Flash is dead. Problem: html5/js/and svg missing capabilities and creation tooling increases cost of entry. When will html5/js/and svg which I see as the closest combo to what flash gives you will have [...]

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Adobe and RIM Collaborating on Tool Support for BlackBerry Devices | Ryan Stewart – Rich Internet Application Mountaineer

Adobe and RIM Collaborating on Tool Support for BlackBerry Devices | Ryan Stewart – Rich Internet Application Mountaineer. I've been batting around what smartphone to get. Love the iPhone but don't love AT&T, can get a free droid eris upgrade now but don't love the verizon pricing, Like sprint's costs but don't like that i [...]

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