Busy day: Apple and Adobe

Okay so Adobe announced Flex Builder 3, Flex Framework 3 and a new Flash player beta. They also announced a wiki and a bug tracker. I think these last 2 are going to be huge in extending the relationship with the developers. But it is open source after all. Meanwhile Apple was showing off Leopard [...]

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Ryan on Desktop Development

Why Do People Hate Building Desktop Applications?by ZDNet's Ryan Stewart -- Paul Graham lays into web applications as part of the reason Microsoft is "dead". During a discussion about that article, someone mentioned to me that they agreed, and they would never build desktop applications again except in Apollo because Apollo made it easy. So [...]

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Different platform rendering quality in apollo apps

So i installed the runtime and the weather .air file on both my mac and xp share via parallels and there is definatly a difference in the text rendering. Given this is an alpha so no biggie but i found it interesting. I wonder if it's an issue with parallels/xp graphics rendering on the mac. [...]

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Adobe icons in the dock mock up

There is a lot of talk about the new adobe icons over at John Nack's blog . Opinions are strong on both sides. I for one am concerned about the uniformity of them so i did a quick mock up to see what they would look like. Now of course i'm not sure on the [...]

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Active vs. Passive

Well, as I go through the process of looking for a new job (old company Infofoundry shut down their Michigan office last month) I am finding that Web Based Training really needs to start presenting content in a more active engagement format. video is all well and good but do you always stay focused during [...]

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Test post using Contribute 4

This is my first post trying out the blog functionality of Contribute 4. It arrived a couple weeks back while i was on vacation. I've been using ecto on my mac and just the web interface of wordpress on my pc.  I've also used Deepest Sender in firefox which i like for it's speed. I'm [...]

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MAX2006 – day 3: sneak peaks

sneak peaks --------------------------------- None of the functionality described below is garunteed to be in any shipping product by Adobe. Rough notes on the fly Acobat Connect breeze plugin in yahoo messenger-launches a connect meeting pdf rendering in a connect/breeze meeting room Coldfusion Scorpio release- coldfusion server monitoring console, interactive graphs, data, etc sweet flex interface [...]

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