Apollo-HTML functionality stuff at 2006 MAX

My notes from the Leveraging Html, Javascript, and AJAX in Apollo. Will use webkit as html renderer, small footprint and been ported to mobile-nokia Support 2 plugins-flash and pdf,apollo will use the flashplayer in the apollo runetime, not planning to support other plugins: ie quicktime, AS to JS and JS to AS bridge, syncronous processing, [...]

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Adobe Max day 1

It kicked off with the Blue Man Group and wrapped up with a Jaguar. And that was just the general session. I got a ton of info on the workflow s adobe envisions for us over the next set of releases: FW import of .psd files, Flash import of .psd files with intelligent wizards, Apollo [...]

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Links to Flex 2 skinning info

http://www.flex.org/ACDS/FlexSkinsAndThemes.pdf http://www.jessewarden.com/archives/2006/08/flash_9_button.html http://www.flexonrails.net/stylescreator/public/ http://weblogs.macromedia.com/auhlmann/ http://www.mossyblog.com/archives/591.cfm

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Jesse on Flash Framework

Jesse has written a great post on the need for a middle ground framework for flash that would allow for the pressures that certain types of jobs have. I really agree with him, mostly from painful experience, that there is a group of users/projects that are being left behind these days. These types of jobs [...]

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web 2.0 Logos

Some nice auto logo samples from a flickr web 2.0 logo redesign thread [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Liferay And Xerceo LEARN

I've been working with LMS's for several years at my company. I've dealt with them from several aspects: programming and maintaining our ownworking with customers homegrown versionsworking with over the counter solutions like sumtotaldeploying and tweeking our content to work in all the above situations Overall i've never liked the idea of how many clicks [...]

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First Brevity Experiment

I figured i'd throw this up-it's not earth shattering but i wanted to see if i could create a subtle "organic" animation with brevity using only boxes. I think it works at some moments and doesn't at others, but the take away is that it was really fast to just mash around in and get [...]

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Brevity Alpha Posting

Keith Peters has posted his alpha release of Brevity. I've played with it a little and i'm very impressed with it. I'm enjoying the creating bizarre animations without spending the time having to QA my code. Based on that i think he has been successful-bringing doodling back to flash. Also Mike Downey blogged an announcement [...]

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