E-learning is often full of all kinds of acronyms – WBT, LMS, SCORM, IMS, IEEE, CMI, blah blah blah etc. In the trenches of production I spend a lot of time dealing with where these specs have friction points: AICC and SCORM CMI differ here, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 differ there, this LMS doesn’t support this element but does support that one, this spec has been defined but never tested in real world use and it fails.

I don’t wake up each morning wanting to deal with these issues but if you love making content it’s part of the grind.

Currently there are some efforts to begin pulling things together and hopefully making the the life of the content guys easier. Which will allow us to provide richer, timely, and engaging content for learners. In some cases it’ll be the learners defining the content, their path and letting us know about it (my personal view).

The results of these efforts will go a long way to  modernizing, accelerating, and expanding the reach of e-learning  content and how learners interact with it.