In the process of updating an application that targeted FP 10.2 and was written in Flash Builder 4.5. I’m moving it to an app targeting FP 11.4 using the AIR SDK 3.5 in Flash Builder 4.7. Just noting some patches that I had to do to get it compiling.

ASC 2.0 currently does not like this syntax:

return foo ||= new Foo();

The patch is a basic if/else:

if (foo){
return foo
}else {
return new Foo();

If you see: VerifyError: “Error #1053:Illegal override of removeChildren in org.casalib.display.CasaMovieClip.” It’s because removeChildren was added to Sprite by Adobe so you need to update to CasaLib 1.4.1 to avoid the conflict. Also remember to update any dynamically loaded swfs that have assets using an older casalib swc.

Took me a while to track that down as I kept looking at the code in Flash Builder and not my loaded assets.



[Frame] metadata tag does not work for AS3 projects. Its Flex only and Flash Builder 4.7 uses the AIR SDK  for AS3 projects. That means if you used [Frame] to run a preloader to bootstrap your app you need to look at this article. Its pretty quick to switch stuff around.