I spent the better part of a day getting my new 802.11n network up and running correctly. At first i thought i got it up quickly but it turned out i was still running in a/b/g/n compatible mode. I wanted the higher speed of a pure “n” setup. Previously i used the WDS options to configure the network, turns out that i can’t use that option and get the pure 802.11n only (5 GHz) radio mode.

So I dutifully set timecapsule (which is my connection to my cable modem):
– Wireless Mode = Create a wireless network
– checked “Allow this network to be extended”
– radio mode = 802.11n only (5 GHz)

Then i set my express’s wireless mode to “Extend a wireless network”.

I also had some security on them so i made sure they matched and both had the network password.

Upon rebooting the stations i could see time capsule but could not see the APE. Eventually i realized that my problem was i forgot to add the airport MAC address to the time casule’s profile in AirPort utility. That is done under the Access tab. So in my case i have 2 computers and the APE Mac addresses defined in the time capsule airport utility profile.

I just didn’t connect it that APE was also a “client” of the time capsule. Also if you try to use the utility wizard and your time capsule’s access is set to “Timed Access” the utility does not automatically add the APE to the time capsule’s access tab.