sneak peaks
None of the functionality described below is garunteed to be in any shipping product by Adobe. Rough notes on the fly

Acobat Connect

breeze plugin in yahoo messenger-launches a connect meeting
pdf rendering in a connect/breeze meeting room

Scorpio release- coldfusion server monitoring console, interactive graphs, data, etc sweet flex interface
Scopio man!!! So does he come in the premium package?

Audio editor for guys who don’t need audition
up on labs this week, on clip editing, bezier edit curves, dynamic volume control, remove sound with spectral sound which allows for selection drag to isolate pieces you can edit, markers exported as xml for xml import to flash

Rapid prototyping of web apps, and passing off to flex, flex components symbols with layers and javascript that allow you to do layouts, 9-scale added in symbols, adding pages-“think indesigner for the web”, Pages allow for multi page sites/versions,export to mxml-allows developers to take it from there and add other programming,

Flex Data Services
AJAX bridge for Flex Data Services-allows for database changes to be pushed to an ajax client instantly without refresh, flex app on html page pulling data down and feeding multiple flash/ajax apps on the same page.

Actionscript Editing in flash
New compiler error panel, click error jumps you to the line, dropdown allows you to loosly associate an AS file to another open fla file in the ide-hit compile and the ide compiles the fla, new debug interface-allows for instant modifications of AS while the player is running the swf.

Browser compatability Check links to known bugs and solutions(css advisor website community site)

Flash components
Accessability for screenreaders, new popup menu on components that shows a contexual menu of all the skins used that you can select to jump to it and edit it, better performance, and memory usage, they had a column with 300k+ individual entries!!!

Acrobat 3D
swf sending events to pdf to 3d object, mapping of swf’s onto a 3d surface with event bubbling, flash video support
flex 2 communication app in apollo, email, rss, calendar, im, voice-voicemail, call fowarding, ringtones, multi task window support.This thing is VERY impressive. Apollo spinoff took 30 minutes.